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Homemade Lefse Tradition


Homemade Lefse has always been a tradition in the Granrud's home. People come from all over the world to tour our unique lefse operation and sample our lefse hot off the grill.

Visit our Scobey, Montana location or have our delicious lefse delivered straight to your home!

Our Lefse Recipe

Granrud's Lefse, Evan and Myrt Granrud, Lefse Makers

A great lefse recipe is where it all starts! Our unique lefse rolling process (not pressed), Evan developed, is what makes many say, "Granrud’s is lefse just like Grandma used to make.”

Evan and Myrt's homemade lefse efforts paid off!

Since 1977, Granrud's Lefse is stronger than ever and still being sold nationwide.

Granrud's Lefse History

Lefse was always a big part of Evan and Myrt Granrud's life. They loved eating and making homemade lefse.

In 1977 they had this BIG idea to make lefse for everyone to enjoy. The wheels started turning, the pieces started to fall together and after many long hours spent designing the rolling machines, tube stuffers, frying grills, cooling conveyor and perfecting their lefse recipe...

The Perfect Lefse Was Made.

After decades of devoting their lives to making the perfect lefses, Evan and Myrt decided it was time to retire. In 1995, the Granrud’s decided to sell their beloved lefse business. It was purchased by Northern Electric Cooperative of Opheim.

In 1998 Granrud's Lefse was honored to be named the "Official Lefse of the Høstfest" held in Minot, North Dakota every October. It is North America's largest Scandinavian Festival.

In September 2005, former managers Alice Redfield and Twyla Anderson became the new owners of Granrud's Lefse.

Unfortunately, we lost Evan Granrud in 2014 and Myrt in January 2015. They are missed by this community and by all the past and present employees of Granrud’s Lefse.

After the 2018 season, Granrud’s Lefse was purchased by Scott and Libi Susag of Scobey, Mt. The company made its move from Opheim to nearby Scobey, just 60 miles East in June of 2018. The Susag’s are proud to carry on the original lefse traditions that all started with the Granrud’s original lefse recipe. It is an additional honor to have a brick-and-mortar location in Daniels County. 

Our Lefse Making Team

During the first season of operations in the new Scobey location, the Granrud’s workforce had a rotation of 22 employees for the season. Normally 10 employees are needed at one time to keep the production floor running smoothly. The Susag’s offer the community part time flexible jobs so many workers are able to join our team and keep the tradition of top quality Lefse alive for Granrud's for many years to come!